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The Worldbox mod apk is the most advanced mod for the Minecraft pocket edition with more world box and beautiful build, bringing you a fantastic new world. If you want to play the game without limits, you can download this mod tool.
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About Worldbox premium mod apk

The Worldbox mod apk is the most advanced mod for the Minecraft pocket edition with more world box and beautiful build, bringing you a fantastic new world. If you want to play the game without limits, you can download this mod tool. All the maps and items in the game will now be available for free, and you will have unlimited resources like money, diamonds, gems and others. The interface of this application is easy to use, and you can easily download the mod. Worldbox is a planet simulator for children. Simple but full of intriguing scientific details. It is both an educational and entertaining tool in addition to the standard mode, which allows you to establish zones of different climates and ecosystems, giving birth to your planet.

Story of Worldbox mod apk

A full 2D editor allows you to create your specific planet, forming and setting the zones at will. You can decide on plants and animals, volcanoes and asteroids, and the only limit is your imagination. Take over the responsibility of a caretaker and preserve the life of this planet. The WorldBox is your planet, where you can set continental and oceanic zones, determining the flora and fauna of the world. You can also create your very own adaptation of the real earth. Design your planet and tailor its continents, flora, and fauna. Then watch, in awe, as alien life sprouts, evolves, co-develops, and comes together to form a burgeoning ecosystem. Lead your planet to glory, collect resources and explore the world. Innovate new construction to shape the future of your civilization and make it stronger for upcoming challenges and journeys.

Features of Worldbox premium mod apk

Create your world

Worldbox allows you to develop the global on your own. You choose the scale of land, the number of islands, intensity of an ocean, and existence of random forms of life. Based on the chosen parameters, you may simulate a random world. Worldbox premium mod apk – Tested on android and ios. The scale of lands, quantity of islands, and ocean degree are sure to be adjustable one time it runs, even if you scramble them up. Create your world and experience real-time weather phenomena, construct deserts, regions with fertile soil, forests, rivers, and lakes or mountains. Enjoy the view of the sunrise and sunset. Enjoy the time when the sun moves down on the horizon and feel so wonderful when you see a sunrise and a sunset. 


The game’s graphics are good, and there is everything clean and neat for view.

You can enjoy your 2D game with every little fun. And you can make things better and clear because the games’ graphics are good.

Multiplayers game 

Worldbox is a standalone program that does not require an Internet connection. You can create and explore your world with so many players simultaneously. The game has many trees, plants, animals, and other objects available for you to create any scenario that you wish: a wild jungle, an African savanna, or even an alien planet.

Unlimited resource 

There are unlimited resources such as wood, stone, coal, iron etc.. you can use them to craft items and buildings. Worldbox is a perfect place to build your dream world. You need a bit of creativity to get started!

Search the world

In this game, you can create a world where you can enjoy a variety of play by yourself to explore the world as you like. Go on an adventure with friends and create your own house. Anyone can enjoy the fun of the game regardless of age.

How to install

  1. Click the link on the Download button.
  2. Wait for the download to complete.
  3. Now install the mod apk version game.


1. Is it free to download the game?

Yes, it is freely available on the net.

2. Is it safe to use the premium version?

The premium version of the game is safe from any bug or virus.


Trying to create your civilization is always a fascinating adventure. If you want to test your strategy abilities, this game is just what you need. You will be able to create cities, villages and other settlements and trade with other players from all over the world. You will also have an opportunity to create various landscapes and have fun while doing that. In time, you will learn all of the secrets of this game and discover many interesting things in it. This game can become your favorite one, so don’t forget about it after a couple of days when you are already tired of creating your world. 

This can be real fun for everyone who loves spending his or her free time wisely. Tones of items you can use are available for you to unlock and collect. You can build a house or a factory, or anything in between. You can make it realistic or complete fantasy; it’s all up to you. Build your vehicles, tanks, helicopters and planes with realistic behaviors by using multiple blocks, wheels, wings and thrusters to simulate gravity! Add weapons like machine guns and missile launchers to your vehicles to engage in air combat.

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