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Stickman Rope Hero is an addictive and magnificent jumping rope game. It's easy to play; you swipe your finger to jump rope and try to avoid the obstacle on the right way. Be careful if you are not accurate. Your game will be over soon! In the game,
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About Stickman rope hero mod apk

Stickman Rope Hero is an addictive and magnificent jumping rope game. It’s easy to play; you swipe your finger to jump rope and try to avoid the obstacle on the right way. Be careful if you are not accurate. Your game will be over soon! In the game, players can win coins while they want, using cash to customise their character’s clothes. Characters’ costumes also have effects like slowing or speeding up the speed of rope rotation etc. . This is a stickman adventure game mod apk. You will be happy with this application because it has many good features. In this game, the Stickman hero will do a fantastic mission to help him become the king of the stickman kingdom. Here comes the Stickman Hero Rope! Your finger is the controller. 

Keep pulling the rope to make the stickman jump and run. Enjoy the most exciting stickman game on Android Market. This rope hero is the best rope jumping game in the store. You can experience this adventurous rope flying with your friends and family. The game is more entertaining and easy to play. It is also definitely addictive! This game consists of 3 diversions; you can choose anyone you like. 

Story of Stickman rope hero mod apk

Try Stickman Rope Hero, one of the best stickman games with excellent graphics and effects! Stickman Rope Hero mod apk is a stunning game that will leave you thoroughly entertained and wanting more. Download your copy now and join our stickman hero in his quest to defend the city from its evil enemies. Shoot your enemies with sticky blast or throw at them with ninja stars but be careful not to kill the civilians. Be a true rope hero and help us defend the city from its evil enemies. Armed with his magical rope, our stickman hero jumps off buildings, swings over chasms, rescues people, and does all sorts of crazy stuff.

Stickman rope hero mod apk

Features of Stickman rope hero mod apk

Convenient control

Stickman will have their chances to enjoy the convenient and exciting gameplay of action on their mobile devices, thanks to the simple and accessible touch controls. A variety of challenges await them in the game Stickman Rope Hero. The game has an exciting storyline and exciting challenges that you must overcome to travel from point A to point B. Thanks to the simple and easy touch control, Stickman Rope Hero will give players the chance to enjoy the convenience and the most exciting gameplay ever on their mobile devices. 

Improve gameplay

Explore the game through many valuable tutorials. Upgrade your skills to learn new weapons and armors, complete the missions, and collect coins to save the state.

Multiple achievements

Just download Stickman Rope Hero and start playing to unlock new achievements and rewards. Collect the maximum number of stars to win your prize. The unique gameplay and addicting mechanics on Stickman Rope Hero will provide hours of fun for everyone.


Feel free to work with the large selection of weapons, upgrade units, show off in multiplayer battles, don’t miss this stickman epic fantasy action full upgraded game.

Interesting vehicles

Feel free to ride in your business car to move around the city comfortably. Enjoy excellent speedy experiences with your sports cars, motorbikes, and monster trucks! There are over 25 vehicles for you to drive and drift. Go faster than all of the other racers and be the Champion.


Stickman Rope Hero offers its immersive 3D worlds for you to enjoy further. And with brilliant visual effects and exciting animations, you’ll undoubtedly find your in-game adventures a lot more exciting. This excellent adventure mod lets you have fun and enjoy yourself differently. The mod offers you more interesting 3D worlds and brilliant visual effects. 


Stickman rope hero is a great mod apk game. It is a game that makes you scream, this time to defeat the enemy and run from it. The graphics and sound effects are essential in this apk mod free stickman rope hero download game, with unique and impressive details that make the gameplay more addictive.

How to install

  1. Click the link Download button.
  2. Wait for the completion of the download.
  3. Now install the mod apk version.


The game is insanely fun and challenging! Your goal is to battle the stickman’s way through the game’s many levels. Collect coins and diamonds to buy boosts and powerups to make your adventures easier. In Stickman Rope Hero, gamers will experience the excellent stickman gaming environment in the palm of their hands. Whether it’s swinging from a vine or sticking to a wall during a dynamic action sequence, you’ll find yourself feeling as if you’re part of the world in which these characters were created. A new kind of adventure has been introduced for mobile gamers, bringing them into a fun and interactive environment altogether. Rope Hero offers a unique game experience in adventure games with millions of gamers worldwide who will feel in Stickman Rope Hero how fun and exciting the game is. Stickman Rope Hero mod apk is a sequel to Stickman Base Jumper’s famous play. This version takes place on an isolated island inhabited only by little stick men, who enjoy creating amazing jumps and stunts from the trees hanging over a giant cliff above.

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