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VOODOO is a well-known brand of mobile games. They release various action games that have unique gameplay and fun nature. Some examples include Knock them All, Curvy Punch 3D, Super Sniper!, Ball Mayhem. And, most lately, scribble rider mod apk.In the end, Scribble Rider mod apk is an action game with racing elements.
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The introduction to Scribble Rider 

scribble rider mod apk is a new physics-based racing game from the makers of Scribblenauts. The concept is simple, you draw your vehicles and race them on the track. At first, you will have no vehicle, then you can use your imagination to create any vehicle and compete in various challenges. This time you will be able to compete with players around the world, so you will have to try your best to become a champion.

The wheels, however, aren’t working correctly, and you’ll need to draw them to finish the race. In the following article, we will provide a deeper look at the game and the features it offers.

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The Scribble Rider mod apk is a lot of fun and challenging, but the game also demands players apply some luck and a bit of logic. The game is filled with thrilling car races. The racer can’t start because his car is without wheels. You’re the one who has to add wheels by drawing a space that is visible on the screen. After that, the wheel that has been drawn has been immediately assembled, and the race starts. Scribble Rider mod apk‘s goal is to assist your students in finishing their assignments first. 

To achieve that, you’ll have to apply your logic and your imagination, as well as your drawing skills. Why is this? It is because the course is complex. It’s a mixture of obstacles and environmental elements. There are times when you ride on flat tracks occasionally underwater, but at times you’ll have to walk up ramps and climb stairs.

So, what kind of shape should the wheel be designed for? If you can solve this problem, you stand the chance of winning by fifty percent of winning!

Tips for playing better

In reality, many wheels can meet the requirements found at the end of the course. However, you have to choose a wheel that has high performance and speed enough to catch your rival and then finish in one of the two starting spots. But, the game cannot provide an overview of the path you are planning to take. Therefore, you could refer to the wheel design of your opponent to design the same concept. In addition, you can alter the wheel’s shape when moving. 

For roads that are flat and low-obstacle circular wheels work well. For tracks with stairs or obstacles that are vertical, you’ll need the line wheel, a semicircle, an ellipse, or an eight-shape. They work well underwater as well as when climbing. Then, let’s talk about the issue of size. If a wheel has a greater circumference and size, the wheel will move more quickly. Due to the large drawing area that the game provided, Try to draw the enormous wheel you can.

Discover unique outfits

The most recent Scribble Rider mod apk version is available. Scribble Rider mod apk has 9 outfits, including girls and boys with hip-hop-inspired outfits. If you’re looking for something unique, you can pick the schoolgirl look, a robot, dry skeleton, or even an officer with a cheeky face.

Of course, the costumes are available at an expense. They cost between 100 and 400 dollars. It is possible to accumulate coins while driving if you wish to change the look of your car—an updated style.

Purchase a brand new car

In the beginning, you’re presented with a regular motorcycle. However, you will earn bonus points and can upgrade to six different models. These six models sport an attractive and distinctive appearance. A car with a frame is made up of the trunk of a tree and a cow’s form, a canoe, or an animal made of wood. Other models are made of an updated design, using three pots, similar to those used by the Ghost Rider character. A car from the future equipped with an info display on the front of it.

Some players rated that the number of vehicles included in scribble rider mod apk (unlimited money) was relatively small and that the game did not come with an upgrade option. The skins are just cosmetic, without any change in performance. We hope that the developer will incorporate these features later to allow a pleasant experience.

Version MOD of the APK of Scribble Rider 

MOD feature

Unlimited coins: Players can use coins to unlock 6 cars and 8 outfits without having to accumulate the bare coins required to play. You can earn as much as 99999 coins for each game.


Scribble Rider is an endless runner game. It’s a simple game but very addictive and fun to play. You will see lots of different vehicles and maps throughout the game. You can connect with your friends and play it together. Scribble Rider MOD APK is an updated version of the game in which you will get unlimited money and energy.


  1. Can I Play Scribble Rider Online?
  2. Yes, you can play Scribble Rider online.
  3. Is Scribble Rider suitable for kids?
  4. Yes, this game is completely safe for kids of all ages and can be played by the entire family.
  5. What is the size of the Scribble Rider Game?
  6. The game has a file size of about 75 MB and requires an active internet connection to play.

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