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Postknight 2 mod apk The game makes you into one of these post-knights: a knight tasked with difficult and dangerous deliveries! You will be tasked with delivering important messages to the kingdom's citizens, traversing treacherous lands and battling powerful enemies along the way.
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About Postknight 2 mod apk

Postknight 2 mod apk The game makes you into one of these post-knights: a knight tasked with difficult and dangerous deliveries! You will be tasked with delivering important messages to the kingdom’s citizens, traversing treacherous lands and battling powerful enemies along the way. Postknight reimagines the delivery boy RPG in an adventure that may be completed in small bites whenever you have time to play. Postknight delivers an experience that combines the best parts of RPGs in fast-paced missions, deepening relationships between characters through engaging conversations and delivering it all in bite-sized chunks.

Story of Postknight 2 mod apk

Postknight 2 takes place in the same world as its predecessor, with a new story and characters. The game is set in the Kingdom of Kurestal, where you play as a post knight tasked with difficult and dangerous deliveries. To help him finish his missions, the postknight will have to explore the kingdom of Kurestal and other lands, battle monsters and complete quests from NPCs.

As the postknight’s adventures progress, you will be able to upgrade its armour, weapons, accessories and skills. You can also choose your companion for each trip you make. The trips are divided into several stages where you will have to fight against enemies using simple controls that involve just tapping on the screen. Postknight 2 is an excellent RPG that offers an engaging story based on delivering packages, epic battles against monsters and a beautiful visual style.

Postknight 2 mod apk

Features of Postknight 2 mod apk

Simple control

The game’s control is effortless; there is no difficulty understanding the game’s system. Children can play this game very quickly. Postknight 2 mod apk is a straightforward game. Complete the round and unlock the next level.

Graphics and sound

In the background, you can hear the pleasant melody made with an accordion and flute. The sound of footsteps when you walk along the road, the sound of your legs hitting the ground when you jump over obstacles, the sound of metal clashing in a fight against monsters, every sound is carefully polished. 

Postknight 2 is a role-playing adventure game with 2D graphics that are good in its features. This game was developed by Kurechii and was released for Android devices. The sequel to the Postknight series, this game has been improved from the original version with unique content than ever before.

Meet characters

You will be able to choose from various characters and enter the game world with them. Various tasks are waiting for you during your journey that you must complete one after another! There is a different story for each task that you must complete well to go through them quickly and travel to distant lands! Meet various characters in your travels and form relationships with them; go through all the adventures with your friends and make sure they are safe. Some missions require teamwork with other players.

Daily Rewards

New daily quests and rewards! You can get extraordinary items every day by completing simple tasks like clearing stages, collecting items, or reviving heroes! Then, check out the new Daily Quests for even more exciting content.


In Postknight 2, players need to control their character to fight many different monsters and defeat them. To increase your power, you need to upgrade your equipment and character. In addition, players can observe an interesting drawing of nature, falling leaves and birds. Each character in the game has its unique look, which does not stop with hair and skin colour. Postknight 2’s game system is simple, but it is beautiful for those who love RPG games. It’s easy to get used to how the game works, but it’s hard to get over it.

The first part of the game is quite popular with players and received many positive reviews. This second part of the game takes place after the events of the first part and has many changes, both in gameplay and graphics. Let’s learn about these changes. 

How to install


  1. Is it safe to download this game?

            Yes, no virus is harmful to your devices.

  1. Is there unlimited money?

            Yes, there is unlimited money and gems available in the game that can unlock the next level.


The Postknight 2 mod apk game is an action game that has a lot of sword-fighting action. It is a single-player game, and the story’s hero is called Postknight. The main character in this Postknight is a courier who travels around the kingdom helping people with letters and parcels. He encounters many enemies during his journey, and he needs to use his sword skills to combat them. This role-playing game features many items that can be used as weapons or defence mechanisms against monsters and enemies. 

The quest in this role-playing game is to find your missing father and save him from the dark lord.

The graphics of this role-playing game are excellent, with detailed images of characters, backgrounds, and items that you can use in the game. The sound effects are also excellent in this game, mainly when using swords against enemies. In addition, this role-playing game has excellent controls, making it easy to guide your hero through his journey in the kingdom.


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