Mini Militia Mod Apk


Mini militia mod apk is an altered (cracked) version With mini militia mod apk, now you can unlock virtually any premium feature such as rare and epic weapons, cool avatar outfits, infinite health, infinite ammo, reload speed, and numerous others for free.
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Mini militia mod apk is an altered (cracked) version With mini militia mod apk, now you can unlock virtually any premium feature such as rare and epic weapons, cool avatar outfits, infinite health, infinite ammo, reload speed, and numerous others for free. This gives players the ability to earn these benefits without spending real money. The only thing you have to purchase with these is the application. You are also provided with unlimited ammo and other necessities for a short period of time.

Mini Militia Mod Apk

Mini Militia Mod Apk 2021

Mini Militia Mod ApkIf you are new to this type of game, then you will be happy to know that you do not need to purchase premium weapons in order to gain access to the most beneficial features. You will find that with mini militia mod and you have all the resources available, including consumables, to level up fast. It also comes with a large variety of maps. So now you will be able to choose what maps you wish to do on and continue to enjoy the fun-filled experience.

Some of the perks included with the mini version of this mod include unlimited nitro and air speed boosters. With these added features, you are sure to fly through the skies as if you have a fighter jet. Also, this version comes with two types of setbacks – the blue and green jetpack. The green jetpack has unlimited nitro but is limited to horizontal movement only, while the blue jet pack has unlimited nitro but vertical movement is unlimited.


  1. Control Dual Stick Shooting 
  2. You Can Change 20 Places to Play the Game
  3. Wide Rang of Weapon Guns Can Use 
  4. Upto 6 Players Can Play 


Aside from the endless arsenal of weapons included in this mod, it also comes with a wide variety of exciting aircraft and land vehicles. These include a chopper as well as four different sized passenger cars. Mini Militia Mod Apk These vehicles include an ambulance, police car, fire truck, Hummer, and motorcycle. As you play, you will notice that you can purchase new weapons, increase the number of weapon slots, change the colors of your jets, and attach a variety of gadgets to your planes. This includes laser cannons, mines, missiles, and air bombs. All of these additions along with the unlimited ammo mod make up an exciting and diverse flying experience.

Mini Militia Apk

Download Mini Militia latest 5.3.7 Android APK

In addition to all of these features, the mini version of this mod also gives you the opportunity to purchase a mega health pack. This gives you an infinite amount of health whenever you engage in a battle.

You will find that this perk is extremely useful when rushing from one side of a map to the other. If you get into a close fight, then you do not have to worry about running out of health soon enough. The downside to this perk is that it decreases your defense and allows you to be more easily targeted by enemy players.

Mini Militia Mod Apk If you are not into the modding aspect but enjoy game play with a lot of action, then the Android version of the mod for Mafia Wars may be perfect for you. As you might know, the game revolves around three different families who compete to be the most powerful crime fighting unit in the game. With all of these different family members you will find that you never really get tired of playing the game. Each member of your mafia has his or her own special skill which can greatly help you in your quest to be the strongest criminal in the game. Plus, with the ability to download several different types of content and customize your devices with a myriad of Android icons, you have a lot of opportunities to enjoy game play on your phone.


In addition to all of these exciting features, the mini version of Mafia Wars gives you the chance to take on the ultimate challenge known as the “infinite ammo” challenge. This challenge is available only to those players who have purchased the unlimited nitro package. The unlimited nitro package gives you unlimited amount of credits so that you can buy expensive weapons and vehicles right before the challenges begin.

Plus, when you purchase the unlimited nitro pack you also receive a special code that allows you to experience the rush of using an advanced aircraft in combat. With all of these unique features in one convenient package, the mini-Mafia Wars mod for your phone could be just what you need to experience all of the excitement this game has to offer.

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