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About Facebook Messenger Mod Apk

Introducing Facebook Messenger Mod Apk for all devices is a social media application for connecting with friends and family using smartphones, tablets, computers, and other mobile devices. Thanks to the creation of this app, you can stay in touch with all your Facebook contacts without having to pay for SMS or MMS services.
Facebook Messenger Mod Apk is the top application for Android that you can use to get new and exciting features for Facebook Messenger. These include a working voice call feature, the ability to send your friends stickers, and even a new lock screen interface. Finally, chatting with your family is easy and quick. Facebook Messenger Mod Apk gives a lot of new features and other additional things to the standard version.
This is a modded version of Facebook messenger, which works on most android phones, don’t worry. This can be used with any android phone which has root access. You can find many mods online and use them in this Messenger. Chat and send messages for free with the official Facebook Messenger app.

Story of Facebook Messenger mod apk

Facebook messenger app was released in 2011 as a standalone app. It is based on IOS and Android app. Free instant messaging for Android. Chat with your friends whenever and wherever you want. Messenger works across all mobile and web devices. Use it just like you use SMS text messaging on your phone, but with all the extra features of a real IM app: send photos and videos, see when friends are using Messenger, create groups, and more.

Features of Messenger

Privacy settings

You can choose who can see your profile picture, age and gender, location, and contact information with privacy settings.

Excellent app for messaging & calling

Messenger is the most popular file-sharing app online. it helps you to message your friends & relatives, make video calls also can call free at any time of the world

Fast & easy to use the messenger app

Enjoy a fast, simple, and easy-to-use Facebook chat application specially made for java supported feature phones. No need for a Facebook app to use Messenger on java phones.    

Unlimited free calls & text

Get unlimited free calls and texts, starting with your first sign-up. You can also choose which contacts are in your Messenger list from your phone’s contact list, or you can add new friends from messaging services such as Facebook, Skype, and Yahoo.

Show your feelings, emojis, Gifs & Stickers.

With new emojis, stickers, and gifts, you can share your feelings with more joy. Express your true self to express your feelings. Enjoy an exclusive sticker from Groups. Enjoy an exclusive sticker from Events. Enjoy an exclusive sticker from Pages. Enjoy an exclusive sticker from Update. For easy access, all new emojis will be shown on the fancy pagination bar.

Sending & receiving personal pics and documents

Send and receive personal photos, videos, and documents for free. All you need is the app. No accounts, no e-mail address required. Open your messages from anywhere on a laptop or desktop computer—easy group messaging with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Use light mode

You are welcome to try our Facebook messenger light mod apk. The Facebook messenger has many new features. You can download our app and install it on your phone or tablet. It might help you relax your eyes for a few minutes after working or playing with the computer. We hope you enjoy using this app.

Mod features of Messenger

Make a Chat Room

 Many seniors are using it after 50 years old; they are the primary consumer. There are thousands of seniors chatting in rooms, and they can speak with one another.

Online Meetup

It provides online meetups. Meetup is a great place to organise events with people near you and start new online communities around essential topics.

Make Family Group

Make a family group on Facebook messenger! Easy as pie, follow these four simple steps:1. Add all the family members you wish to add2. Add yourself3. Send any friend request4. Enjoy!

Creating Pool

The pool is the best new way to keep in touch with the people you care about. For deciding which decision should we have to take?

Used as Business

The app will allow you to connect with the customer and sellers no matter what you are selling. In addition, it also allows your customers to get a solution to their problems even at any time they want


  1. Click on the “DOWNLOAD APK” button on the site.
  2. After 5 seconds, you will get a direct link.
  3. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes for completion of the download.
  4. Installation is an effortless click on the install button to move on.


Months after launching the application, Facebook Messenger as a social application is not only used by many people. The use of this application is not only limited to communication between friends. Your loved ones who live miles away from you can be sent to a virtual gift box filled with many surprises. This application can also be adapted (to fit) for business and business purposes. Just like you are in the same place but not at the same time, this application can make it possible for you to stay connected in real-time all day long.


1. Is the installation free?

Yes, the installation of Messenger is free.

2. Can Messenger run on pc also?

You can also use Messenger for PC, IOS, and Android Mobiles.

3. Is Messenger for private use?

The Messenger app is encrypted; it means that your chats are private. 

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