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About company of heroes mod apk

Company of Heroes mod apk and unlocked all levels is an excellent strategy game during World War II. Company of Heroes gives you command over a small group of soldiers as they try to keep the enemy from moving forward across the battlefield. The focus here is on realistic battle simulation, and everything from how your troops behave to how your vehicles perform has been meticulously designed with authenticity in mind. As you move through more than 20 missions, you’ll find yourself in charge of everything from basic infantry units to APCs and tanks. 

The single-player campaign is excellent, but where Company of Heroes shines is when you go online and take on your friends or other gamers around the world via Xbox Live or Games for Windows Live. There are several multiplayer modes, including one where each player controls an entire army rather than just a few units. You can also play against AI opponents if you’re tired of playing against humans.

Story of the company of heroes mod apk

The German army has invaded Europe with its formidable weaponry and is threatening to overrun all the countries of the Old Continent. You are in control of the Resistance Forces and have to stop their advance from the beaches of Normandy. The Germans will support tanks, aircraft, ships, and new weapons devastating for your troops, which are not prepared for this kind of warfare. 

You will have to manage your resources and troops to survive and win this war. Assemble your army from a large selection of soldiers, vehicles, artillery, and other equipment. Develop new technologies to increase your firepower and become a worthy adversary for the Nazi war machine. Take on more significant challenges in your quest to defeat the Germans: Breakthrough their defensive lines and push them out of France.

Features of company of heroes mod apk

Enjoy PC games on mobile.

The heroes mod apk comes with all its gameplay features, visual elements, and a vast array of maps and missions that one can enjoy playing on a mobile device. There are numerous exciting features of the game that make it exciting and engaging to play.

Construct base with buildings

Company of Heroes gamers can make use of dozens of different buildings that are available in the game. These buildings are used for several purposes, from providing more resources to training more troops. Depending on their location, specific structures can also defend against enemy attacks. The construction of buildings is done according to a specific formula, and several buildings are vital for success.

Control your army

The single-player campaign includes over 20 missions with multiple objectives permission; assignments include a variety of objectives such as destroying key buildings or taking over territory to advance your army’s position. You can control your army by simple control on the mobile available on your touch screen.

Upgrade and empower

This is an action, strategy, and time-management game that allows you to play on various levels, from the campaign to survival modes. You have the option of building your base and managing resources as you take on enemies in real-time. You can also purchase various upgrades for your troops to defeat greater forces. 


A good game has to have good graphics. Company of Heroes is no exception. It is a real-time strategy game that allows the player to control an army in World War 2. The game’s goal is to destroy the enemy team’s headquarters while defending your own. The graphics are excellent because you can zoom in and zoom out at any point during the battle, allowing you to manoeuvre your units around anything from a bird’s eye view or an up-close shot.


The graphics are amazing, and the sound effects are some of the best you’ll hear in any video game. You’ll find yourself enjoying powerful sound effects, which will keep you completely hooked to the battlefield for hours on end.

How to install


  1. Is that game free?

Yes, that game is freely available.

  1. Are the features of the games priceable?

The game features are free.

  1. Is that game free from viruses?

There is no bug detected in playing the game to install it without any hesitation.


The Company of heroes mod apk campaign has three playable factions — the British and American armies and the German military. The campaign begins by following an American unit during Operation Overlord, through the liberation of France and Belgium, the Soviet Union, and finally Berlin. The British campaign focused on their invasion of Europe from North Africa and Sicily while the Germans dealt with the Soviet offensive in their sector.

The most authentic WWII experience to date: Distant views can be set to 1st person if you want a more immersive experience. No other game offers this level of realism: Vehicles will take damage from being hit by artillery or tanks. Infantry units will surrender if they are heavily outnumbered or outgunned

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