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Alien Shooter is an android game, and this game is one of the best games ever. We can play this game on our android smartphones and tablet. The other name of the alien shooter is alien shooting. In this game, we can have lots of fun and excitement.
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About Alien shooter mod apk

Alien Shooter is an android game, and this game is one of the best games ever. We can play this game on our android smartphones and tablet. The other name of the alien shooter is alien shooting. In this game, we can have lots of fun and excitement. We have to kill all the aliens and save our people from the attack of aliens. This game has lots of levels in it, and we are going to enjoy every single story in the game. We can use many cool weapons in this game, and we have to kill all the aliens with these weapons. 

This is a perfect android arcade shooting game, and it has different modes. If you want to enjoy this game, you must install it on your android device. You can download this game from our website free of cost. There is no need to pay any money to get it from here because we are providing its full version free of charge so that more people will be able to play this awesome game. They will enjoy every moment with their friends, family members, or lovers. We hope that you will love this game like millions of other players playing it daily.

Story of Alien shooter mod apk

The game is straightforward; you need to kill all the aliens and save the world. It has different difficulty modes, and you get to choose them according to your skills. If you are a fan of the Alien Shooter series and have been waiting for the next installment, then you’ll be happy to know that Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded is now available for download. This is a shooter game based on a fictional story and has some real-time strategy elements. It was developed by Sigma Team, who are also responsible for creating the first title in the series. This game is available on Steam and has received a lot of positive feedback from players who have tried it. 

Trying to escape from an alien invasion, you must attempt to save the world! The downloadable version of this game contains three episodes, and it is up to you to determine how each episode will end. You can try different strategies to succeed in your mission, or you can select one of the many available perks and get started. You must make sure that you keep track of your health at all times, as well as your ammunition, so that you don’t run out when you need it most. Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded features high-quality graphics, as well as a variety of weapons for your disposal. You can upgrade your weapons, buy new weapons and also gain access to new perks as you play through this challenging game. There are even two-player cooperative modes that allow

Features of Alien shooter mod apk


It’s an old-school arcade game – shoot them up with a top-down perspective. The player takes control of a soldier who has to defend the Earth from an alien invasion. The protagonist is armed with a laser gun and grenades, with which he can defeat enemies or destroy buildings. As the game progresses, the character gains experience, new weapons are unlocked, and new types of enemies appear. There are machine guns, shotguns, and more powerful grenade launchers among the available weapons. The player has to get to the next level to unlock them. Alien Shooter also offers co-op mode for two players on the same computer using one keyboard. You can experience multiplayer mode in the game.

Alien shooter mod apk

Gaming level

This game is straightforward; there are new gaming levels, and difficulty increases after each class. There are three types of missions in the game; the first type is the single-player mission, where you have to kill all the enemies by yourself. The second type of mission is the multiplayer mission, where you have to play with your friend on the same mobile and kill all the enemies together. The third type of mission is the survival mode, where your task is to survive as long as possible; this mode also has some new elements that will make your survival task more difficult.


Different weapons are used to pass the next level; weapons gets strong with increasing level. The best part about this modded version of the alien shooter is that each weapon has a particular amount of money associated with it. This means that you do not have to spend your real cash on buying upgrades or new weapons. You earn money by playing the game, and you can use that money for upgrading or buying new weapons for your spaceship.

How to install

1. Click the Download button given on sit.

2. Click the ok to start downloading.

3. Now install the mod apk version of the game.


1. Is that game is free to download?

Yes, that game is freely available. 


Alien Shooter is a fun and challenging game. With plenty of levels, weapons, and enemies to battle, it’s great for anyone looking for an easy game or a difficult one. It’s free and easy to play, so if you’re looking for something new to do on your Android device, give Alien Shooter a try.

Alien Shooter is an arcade-style action game in which players must shoot their way through hordes of aliens. As players work their way through the game’s many levels, they must blast away at all sorts of creepy crawlers using shotguns, machine guns, rifles, bombs, and more. Among the many bad guys are quick blobs that rush toward the player and slimes that skitter across the ground. Players can also ride minecarts to navigate the maps. Throughout each level are items such as coins, intel, and health packs that players can collect to help them in their quest to destroy every last alien on a particular map.

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